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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be applied outdoors?

Yes, our systems can be used outside as they are finished with a formulated UV Top Coat which provides excellent resistance to the effects of weathering.

Can this be applied to Tiles?

Provided the tiles are in good, sound condition, our systems can be applied over tiles after they have been ground to ensure proper adhesion. 

Is it Slippery?

Slip resistances can be included in the coatings to provide additional slip resistance where desired or required.

Why is this better than tiles?

It is seamless (no grout) and non-porous - this makes it more hygienic than tiles, and easier to clean. It is also stronger than tiles and has an MPA higher than concrete. This will ensure the longevity of your floor.

What's the difference between Ultra Flake and Hyper Flake?

The Ultra Flake System offers a more traditional finish, with a semi-textured finish by default and the Hyper Flake System offers a polished concrete look with a smooth finish by default.

What is the maintenance like?

The APC Epoxy systems are maintenance free for the life of the floor, normal regular cleaning is all that is required as it is non-porous and seamless.

What is the wear and tear like?

For wear and tear, you should look after the floor like you would vinyl.  If there are scratches or scuff marks, APC Clean and Shine can be used to deal with this.

Why should I go for this system over a hardware system?

Unfortunately, hardware epoxy kits aren't an equivalent of the APC systems. The APC System has a reputation of excellence and has helped thousands of customers achieve their dream spaces with a premium finish.

We'll take your ordinary, tired old concrete... and make it extraordinary!

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