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Frequently Asked Questions

Does decorative concrete need resealing?

Yes, the product manufacturer recommends resealing every 2 years.

Is decorative concrete slippy?

No, sprayed concrete is textured and gives an ideal anti-slip surface especially around swimming pools.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, we provide a 1 year’s workmanship warranty on all jobs (cracks are not included in any warranty).

Can I use the surface straight away?

No, for all our products, decorative concrete, epoxy flake flooring and sealing the surface has to be kept free from cars and heavy items for 7 days until its fully cured but you will be able to walk on it if required the next day.

What do you need from us as a customer?

We send you out a customer checklist with your quote as a separate file. Please read and follow these instructions. If this checklist is followed and completed before we arrive you don’t need to be home or around when the job is being completed. We will have everything we need.

How do you check the weather?

The weather is very unpredictable, both excessive wind and rain. Both will stop us working. We use local weather reports, phone apps and BOM radar to assess the weather before and while doing work.

Can you work in all weather conditions?

No, the weather is a battle for us. If it’s raining, predicted heavy rain or very windy we may have to cancel your booking and re book you as soon as possible when the weather conditions improve.

Can you repair cracks?

Yes, we can repair cracks in various ways depending on the crack type but a crack can only be repaired and never guaranteed due to movement in the substrate which is out of our control. Unfortunately, a crack may reappear at any time and this is not covered by our warranty. You will be provided with a crack information sheet with your quote.

I have exposed aggregate concrete, can you help?

Yes, we have a ‘skimming’ option that allows us to use a modified base coat to skim over the top of rough exposed aggregate to create a smooth surface to work with that we can then spray on top.

Does my epoxy flake floor need any maintenance?

No, the polyurethane is a one-time application and does not need to be reapplied.

Can you help us decide on colours and designs?

Yes totally, we really enjoy that!

How can I clean my epoxy flake floor?

The best way to clean is to wipe up any spills with a cloth and mop with just warm water.

Does the clear polyurethane coat on my epoxy flake floor yellow?

No, with latest technology polyurethane is UV stable meaning it's non yellowing.

What is base coating?

Base coating is done to provide a thin surface colour coat to apply a pattern before spraying or the base coat mix can be modified to make it thicker to cover old stamped concrete patterns, worn old concrete that is badly pitted or exposed aggregate to provide a smooth surface to spray on.

Does grinding create much mess?

No, there might be a little bit of dust but our dust extraction equipment controls it really well and we take away all the grinder dust with us as part of the job.

Do I need to let my car tyres cool down before driving onto my garage floor?

After your application and seven-day curing process, you will be fine to drive in straight away without waiting for your tyres to cool down.

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